Employee Spotlight: Emily and Briyana


Who knew? Who knew a job could affect one’s whole life perspective?

Emily and Briyana didn’t expect this. They could not predict that becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant would impact them this way, changing how they view themselves, how they view others and changing how they look at the future. Good friends, roommates, and now co-workers, they seem to be looking through the same glasses at their new jobs at MediLodge of Traverse City. When asked about why they have loved working at the skilled nursing facility for the past 5 months, they both talk about happiness. Emily said, “I like making people happy” and Briyana said, “Coming to work every day and seeing my residents smile, brings me so much happiness”. They both believe that getting to know the people they provide care for, is the key. Emily shared that she’s able to find how to make her residents happy by getting to know them individually and that everyone is different. And Briyanna said that “creating a bond with each individual has kept me motivated to better myself each and every day” and that she “found a passion to help people in ways I never knew I could.” Emily said she didn’t know the impact this job would have on her outside of work. She thinks about her residents even after she punches out for the day, and feels she has more insight into herself, and others, after getting to know this generation with so much wisdom to share. Both Emily and Briyana found the other common thread in their work: joy. They talk about how this job allows them to bring joy to others, yet feel the same in return. It’s the passion for their work in their current positions that has given them a clear path for their future. Both see themselves staying in the healthcare and working with this population. Whether it’s becoming a registered nurse, working in hospice care, or staying in long-term care and skilled nursing, they know they want to keep helping others by making their days, the best that they can be.

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