Resident Story: Irene G

Mature female in elderly care facility gets help from hospital personnel nurse. Close up of aged wrinkled hands of senior woman. Grand mother everyday life.

Irene G. was Proud to be a School Bus Driver!

Born and raised in Allegan, Michigan, Irene married her husband Bob. They bought an acre of land and built there our own home and had three children. She worked as a School Bus Driver, always following her route, staying on time, fastening children’s seat belts, and making sure all the rules of the roads were followed. She always made sure she stopped at railroad crossings, all traffic lights were respected, and bus drivers never speed with that many children. Ha, Ha! “I can say that at “87”. The bus did get loud. She loved the joyful laughter of the children. She was so proud to be a School Bus Driver! Children sprinting towards a bus only to watch the driver open its doors in front of their face. One too many, she assumes. She never obsessed with any failures as a bus driver. Laughed a lot! Families were so grateful with all their letters. She also has a wonderful family with a fistful of grandchildren. “Life is Good!” She’s very happy! She would also like to say how grateful she is for the staff here at MediLodge of Traverse City. She really enjoyed the care and her stay. Everyone was so supportive. She especially loved the dog, “Sherman!”

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