The Family of Lloyd Stevens

My husband has been at MediLodge of Traverse City for 13 months. His care has been stellar. The care is given with tenderness and love.
The activities are so diverse-field trips to seeing gardens and going on picnics. The Activity Director, Kasia, along with Barb and Georgiana (great supportive staff) have planned and carried on an Art Show (profitable) from art the residents have done. The residents were so proud of their accomplishments. A lot of the family members and guests to the Lodge attended.

The activity staff and transporter have taken residents on Fall color tours, Christmas light tours and also to see the orchards blossom in the Spring. They have brought residents to enjoy live music and a meal at the Senior Center (the Gathering Place) in Honor.

My husband wanted to first stay in bed. Kasia encouraged him to get up and help her. He now has helped put flower decorations (or posies as he calls them) on the dining room tables and picks them up. He takes that very seriously and that he’s needed.

I have been at the Lodge different times during the week. I have yet to see dirty hair or find food on resident clothes. Residents are clean and cared for. CENAs –Martha, Becky, and Tina care so lovingly for the residents that can’t feed themselves. Hugs and forehead kisses are a daily thing. All the staff are wonderful. I see how caring and wonderful they are.

Now, my husband is a very picky eater. He is constantly teasing the cooks, complaining about the food as he’s cleaning up his plate. The staff takes it in stride and hug him anyway. They are real treasures.

Then there is Travis-maintenance man/BBQer and many other things he does. He is so busy but always gets everything done and done well. Travis takes the time with residents that want to help as he’s working in their room. He is ever so kind.

Now, all that being said, I can’t leave the office staff out. Lisa, Amy, and Wanita-they are my go-to folks when I feel like my world is caving in because my husband isn’t here. They understand and listen to me and offer their supportive caring.

Again, let me reiterate this Medilodge of Traverse City is stellar and should be held up as a standard by which all health care facilities should be held! I’m so thankful I found this treasure!

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